Ridin In Styl!
"Toop's Troops"
- Est in 2002
Ridin' In Styl
"2015 God Bless America Ride"
- Toop's Troop perpicated in this ride
Martinsburg VA Hosptial, Martinsburg, WV.
"Toop's Troops Annual Pig Roast"
- Toop's Troops Members
"Old Glory"
- As she waves high at our Annualy Pig Roast
"Ridin' in Styl"
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"Ridin' in Styl"


Toop’s Troops Ridin’ In Styl is a non-profit organization that aims to unify and organize those motorcyclists and others who are interested in raising money through various fundraisers that in turn will be given to families in our county in connection with the Community Foundation of Carroll County.



The name of the organization is Toop’s Troops Ridin’ In Styl and is a member of the Community Foundation of Carroll County.

Toop's troops recieving one of the 2015 Philanthropist of the year Award

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How we got started.......

It’s hard to believe that the tragic accident that happened on a back road in Carroll County Maryland in 2002 would touch so many people. Steve Toop was riding home with a group of friends. They had spent the day riding to Washington, DC to The Wall to commemorate Memorial Day. Steve lost his life as a result of collision that happened only miles from his home. He left a wife and young son to carry on without him.

Toop’s Troops was started in memory of Steve. It started out as a group of friends who joined together to ride in his honor. They know how much Steve loved to ride and they wanted to keep his memory alive. The group decided to hold a pig roast to raise money to support the family.

As the group grew and they realized how they could help others, they joined The Community Foundation of Carroll County and established themselves as a non-profit organization. They set up scholarships for students from Francis Scott Key and Westminster High Schools.

Ten years later they are still having a pig roast every year and it continues to grow in size. They also have several Chicken Dinners each year as fundraisers.
The group has seen a lot of changes. The membership has grown, the amount of money raised has grown and as a direct result, the number of people and families that they help has grown. They have donated money to families facing many types of hardships. Some people may be facing a temporary situation such as the loss of a job or damage to a home due to fire. But many situations are long term such as an illness or accident and of course when a child is involved it touches their hearts even more.

At Christmas time they choose several area families to adopt. The group goes shopping, wraps all of the gifts and delivers them with Santa Claus on a motorcycle. They always seem to draw a crowd of onlookers when the roll into a development in December on motorcycles.

They are led by a 10 member Board of Officers that is elected yearly. The group makes decisions by voting at monthly meetings. They are an organized group of motorcycle enthusiasts that want to make a difference in the life of someone who needs a helping hand.